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Romance Scams - Blackmail - Online Privacy

Romance Scams - Blackmail - Online Privacy

Romance Scams - Blackmail - Online PrivacyRomance Scams - Blackmail - Online PrivacyRomance Scams - Blackmail - Online Privacy

Online Privacy & Online Blackmail

About Frank M. Ahearn

In my early days, I worked for a detective agency and developed the skills of social engineering and pretext. For those of you not in the know, social engineering and pretext are lying to extract confidential data. Not one to work for another, I opened a skip tracing service which specialized in obtaining information, like phone, bank, travel, and other types of private records. These tools made me a deadly skip tracer; skip tracers track people down. I could locate most people in most parts of the world. My philosophy was, if you could afford it, I can find them!

Eventually, I found myself in the business of vanishing people who needed to disappear. I work with victims of stalkers, abused spouses, and the occasional individual in the crosshairs of a killer.  I authored the New York Times Best Seller, How to Disappear.

A few years back, I stumbled into the online romance scam business, and boy was it an eyeopener. I identify dating scammers, military frauds, oil rig fakes, as well as help recover funds sent. 

Last but not least, my expertise has taken a unique turn as a blackmail and sextortion consultant. I help to combat the blackmailer and create digital disinformation to protect against online exposure. As odd as it may sound, I use deception, to create favorable resolutions. 

Frank M. Ahearn


Romance Scams

If you met a person on the internet and never had a clear five minute face-to-face video, you are probably a victim of a romance scam or military scam. Frank M. Ahearn identifies romance scammers, and dating scammers and helps recover funds sent in a dating scam.

Online Blackmail

If a blackmailer is demanding money and threatening to expose you, Frank M. Ahearn can help. Do not send them money but focus on your vulnerabilities and what information they know about you

Privacy Service

If you have an online issue making your life difficult or vulnerable, I can create online disinformation to combat. If you are the victim of a stalker or another type of predator, I can help you disappear.

Books By Frank M. Ahearn

NY Times Bestselling Author

how to disappear, frank m. ahearn
Spurlos verschwinden: Wie Menschen im digitalen Zeitalter abtauchen

Frank M. Ahearn is teaching an online romance class.

Privacy Expert, Frank M. Ahearn, is conducting an online romance scam class to teach how to date safely and not become a victim of a dating scam. Learn how to identify scammers, search phone numbers, recover funds sent to a scammer, and much more. Learn to be your own detective.  LEARN MORE

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