Identify A Romance Scammer

If you are here, there is a possibility you think the person you met online is a romance scammer. If so, it is essential to determine the truth before it is too late. That is why you need to identify a romance scammer.

Have you had a clear five minute face-to-face video were you saw their lips move and eyes blink?

Did they tell you their mobile video is broken? Or they are in a military zone, or the oil rig does not allow.

Are they widow, and do they work overseas?

Has a disaster occurred and they need money?

Identify & Locate Online Dating Scammers

Are You Dating A Romance Fraud

Are You Dating A Fraud

If you met a person on the internet, such as online dating, social, or game site, you could be the victim of a romance scam. In truth, you are chatting with an identified stranger, and nothing more. Because a person tells you they are a widower, stationed in the military, an engineer, working an oil rig, or overseas on business does not mean it is true. People lie, especially online romance scammers. I send the results in less than 24 hours.

Locate a romance scammer

Identify & Locate A Scammer

Searching for a scammer is no easy feat, nor is it impossible. However, the challenge is, have you been chatting with one person or more. Many scammers work in groups, and you may have been talking with different people, in various parts of the world. I can search to locate the scammer; unfortunately, there are never any guarantees.

Identify a person in a photo.

Identify A Person In A Photo

Who Are They?

Sometimes  curiosity comes alive after a dating scam, and some want to know the  identity of the person in the photo. I can search and try to  identify/locate the person, unfortunately, there are no guarantee.

Are You Dating A Fraud?

How to identify a romance scammer.

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What To Send Me

  • If you paid to identify if you are dating a romance scammer, send me photos, email, mobile number and the story the person is telling you about themselves. 

  • If you paid to identify person in [photo, send me their picture. 


Recover Funds From A Romance Scam

If you lost money in an online romance, I explain how to recover, or you can utilize my services. 

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