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Do Nothing & Nothing Happens

Recover Stolen Money

There are two truths in a romance scam, and that is you sent money, and another person received it. You do not know if they are part of the crime or a victim like you. If you do anything after the romance scam, it should be to follow the money, not the scammer.

What Do You Really Know?

  • You do not know if the person you sent money to owns the bank account.
  • You do not know if the bank account is being investigated or has your funds still.
  • What do you know about the bank account? 

How To Recover Funds From A Romance Scam

You Can Take Action

The only way to recover funds is to convince the receiving bank and law enforcement in that city to open an investigation. If anything, this is the most challenging part of getting help. Most law enforcement and banks do not want to deal with victims of romance scams; this is why you must be loud. 

Many times victims transfer money, and the account is not in the same name on the transfer, a situation the receiving bank does not want to face. If such is the case, the bank should never have accepted your money. 


  • You may or may not recover stolen money
  • Do nothing, and nothing happens
  • Do something, and something might happen

It Is Not About Tracing Money But Getting Help

How To Recover Funds

Trying to get your money back is not about tracing the money or hiring a hacker to hack the scammer. Recovering funds is about getting the banks and law enforcement to take action. Do note there are fake hackers online claiming they can recover money, including bitcoin. It is a scam.

LAW: The only way to get the law involved is by making contact. However, not the police in your home city but the cities where you sent money; they are the ones who can take action.

BANKS: Contacting the bank where you transferred the funds to is essential. You need to contact the local branch that received the transfer, and the corporate office.

YOUR BANK: Contact your bank and ask that they recall all transfers. If they tell you no, do not accept. You are a victim of fraud and have rights. 

MONEY SERVICES: You can file a claim with Western Union and Money Gram.

File complaint in UAE:

There are no guarantees of recovering money, but you must take action and do something to try. 

The Letter To Banks & Law Enforcement

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My name is YOUR NAME, and a customer of BANK NAME, RECEIVER'S NAME, has defrauded me. I believe them to be part of a money-laundering organization. I seek your help in opening an investigation and recovering my funds. Enclosed are copies of the bank transfers. 



Email Address

Search The Internet For Addresses

Law Enforcement

Send a letter to the local, state, and national police. Search other law enforcement agencies in the country and contact them. When you address the envelope: ATTENTION: FRAUD


Send a letter to the corporate office and the branch you sent the transfer.  When you address the envelope: ATTENTION: MONEY LAUNDERING

Be Heard

The only way to get help is to be heard and not take no for an answer.

Frank Can Help

Frank M. Ahearn identifies romance scammers.

Frank's Service

If you do not feel confident contacting law enforcement and banks in foreign countries, I can help. I will make contact with all on your behalf, plus advise you as the process moves forward.  Including, search for the people you transferred fund to, and try to recover funds from them. 


If you want to confirm my identity, we can chat on video. Contact me to schedule

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Fees are base on losses, under $50,000, over $50,000, and over $100,000. 

If you prefer, you can pay via bank transfer.

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After Payment

Email me clear copies of all transactions, and I will begin work immediately. 

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