Frank M. Ahearn at the me-Convention.

me-Convention Frankfurt

Frank M. Ahearn

Most recently, I spoke at the me-Convention (Mercedes-Benz and SXSW) in Frankfurt. This talk was different than usual, typically I speak about how to disappear, new/fake identities, pseudocide, and other related disappearing topics. The me-Convention talk was, "Why Your Digital Footprint Is Bigger Than You Think, and Why It Matters." 

I found it challenging to come up with the message I wanted to convey. However, while talking out loud in front of my mirror, I realized that I should share how I affected peoples lives by accessing their digital footprints. Therefore, I approached the talk from the perspective of a social engineer (extracts information) and skip-tracer (finds people) not a privacy consultant. What I found interesting was I had to admit to many of the privacy violations I committed while hunting people. 

Privacy & Blackmail Expert - Skip Tracer & Social Engineer

Talking About Digital Footprints

My talks are very personal, where I share cases of real people. One could say they are also a mix of entertaining, intriguing, shocking, and educating. Everyone walks away with a better understanding of how to protect their privacy. 

Frank M. Ahearn keynote speaker,
Frank M. Ahearn Keynote Speaker

November 2, 2019

 We kunnen de tweede keynote van de Meet-up XL Privacy & Security  bekendmaken. Frank M. Ahearn, onder meer bekend van de bestseller How to Disappear,  komt speciaal voor Tweakers naar Nederland voor een bijzondere keynote.  Daarnaast is het programma uitgebreid met presentaties over  opensource-intelligence, (osint), malware, securityresearch, de do's  & don'ts van de politie en meer. 

Spreading The Word of Frank!t

Past Engagements

I have spoken for Mystery Writing Organization, Ivy League Universities, Fortune Five-Hundred Companies, Law Enforcement, and a range of conventions.  My topics involve how people disappear, fake their death, obtain new identities to how tracers locate people, digital footprints, and how to be more private. 

  • me-Convention (Frankfurt)
  • New Scientist Live (London)
  • Smart Cities (Berlin) 
  • Arvato (Baden Baden)
  • 2b AHEAD (Wolfsburg)
  • Paperjam (Luxembourg)
  • Association of Directors (Monaco)
  • Princeton University (NJ)
  • Lehigh University (PA)
  • Law Enforcement (Global)
  • Romance Writers of America
  • Mystery Writers of America
  • Sisters in Crime (multiple chapters), and others.

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